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We often have guest instructors and traveling workshops here at the Frankfort Circus Center but these are the people you can find teaching regularly!



Aerial Manager

Kristi is known for her fun and outgoing personality!



Supida is known for her love of trapeze and is great with kids!



Students love her calm presence! 



Students love her ability to modify for every body type!


About Us:

The Frankfort Circus Center was founded by Jill Smith in July of 2019.

Jill started with a single hula hoop in her living room. Through dedication and passion, her love of Circus blossomed. She expanded out of single hoops into the world of multi-prop love, fire eating, stilt walking, and more. She spent several years traveling and performing before settling down to start FCC. Jill is best known for her “Hoop Geometry” and is one of the only performers in the world to preform her style of multi-hoops on fire. She has a pending Guinness Book World Record for the most fire hoops used by one performer. She used ten hoops beating the previous record by six hoops.

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