Aerial Classes

All classes require students to register 24 hours in advance!


Lyra: A Steel Hoop


Static/Single Point Trapeze: Two Ropes with a steel bar at the base


Sling: A Fabric Loop


Bar and Fabrics:

Silks and sling are combined for "fabrics." Lyra and trapeze are combined for "bars."


Silks: Fabrics Suspended in the Air



This class takes place on the ground and is designed to help increase your range of motion in the air.


Littles/ Playtainment: Ages 5-7

This class is mixed aerial and will cover a variety of apparatuses.
This class focuses on fun and is a little less structured than most of our classes.
This class maxes out at six students so please reserve your spot asap if you plan to attend.

Kids: Ages 8-12:

We have gotten rid of our session requirements! If you are looking to get started you no longer need to wait for a certain date! Just click on over to the "register now" page and sign up for the class that fits your childs age group!

Tuesday evenings!

5-6pm: Level One Mixed Aerial
5-6pm: Intro Mixed Aerial

Wednesday evenings!

4-5pm: Silks
6pm-7pm: Mixed Aerial

Thursday evenings!

7-8pm Silks

Teen Classes

Drop in to try your first class whenever works best for you.
Class passes can be used immediately or you can hold onto them for one calendar year.
If no one has signed up for a class 24 hours in advance, the class will be cancelled.


4-5pm: Lyra

5-6pm: Sling

6-7pm: Trapeze


6-7pm: Silks

Kid and Teen Pricing:

Single class: $30
Five Classes: $140 ($28 Per Class)
Ten Classes: $250 ($25 Per Class)


Aerial FAQ

All of our classes are designed for beginners so don't be shy!

Wondering what to wear to class?
Most students wear leggings and a t-shirt.
-No jewelry
-Form-fitting clothing is ideal
-If you are taking trapeze or lyra: leg warmers or other ankle protection may come in handy
-Silks and Sling you will want to make sure your knee pits and armpits are covered
-We recommend bare feet with no socks for silks class

These classes group classes are designed for total beginners! If you are an intermediate/advanced student and new to our space please contact us with your previous experience so our instructors can tailor a lesson plan to your needs.

Adult Pricing
Single class: $35
Five Classes: $165 ($33 Per Class)
Ten Classes: $300 ($30 Per Class)
Monthly Unlimited: $220

Monthly unlimited does not need to start on the first of the month. You have 30 days to take as many classes as you would like from the date of purchase.

If no one has registered for a class 24 hours in advance, the class will be cancelled.