Ground Classes

Intro to Hoop Dance

Students will learn the fundamentals of hoop dance by learning both on-body and off body tricks! This session all hoop dance classes are taught by Meaghan.

$100 for an eight class session.

Intro to Ground Acts

Students will work with a new prop every week including hoops, poi, contact staff, levitation wand, juggling, and more! This session all ground acts classes are taught by Jill.

$100 for an eight class session.


These classes are filled with games using the Circus Centers various props! The first step to any spinner learning a new skill is to play and these classes are focused on the fun! This class is taught by Meaghan!

$100 for an eight class session.

Body Awareness

This class is a combination of yoga and dance designed for you to get to know your own strengths and weaknesses.
Perfect for anyone looking to expand on their current movements and ideal for artists looking to create their own act. This class is taught by Becca!

$100 for an eight class session.


Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Veil Fans
Hoop Dance
Circus Style Hoops
Hoop Geometry
Contact Staff
Levitation Wand
And more!

$50 per hour for up to three students.