Aerial Classes

All classes require students to register 24 hours in advance! Please see the Register Now page for the most up to date schedule!


Lyra: A Steel Hoop


Static/Single Point Trapeze: Two Ropes with a steel bar at the base


Sling: A Fabric Loop


Bar and Fabrics:

Silks and sling are combined for "fabrics." Lyra and trapeze are combined for "bars."


Silks: Fabrics Suspended in the Air



This class takes place on the ground and is designed to help increase your range of motion in the air.


Littles/ Playtainment: Ages 5-7

Littles aerial is an introduction to aerials for ages 5-7. This class focuses on taking kids who are interested in advancing and teaching them the basics.
Playtainment is a similar class where we introduce a variety of aerials but this class focuses more on the fun and less on the technical aspects.

Kids: Ages 8-12
Teens: Ages 13-17

We have gotten rid of our session requirements! If you are looking to get started you no longer need to wait for a certain date! Just click on over to the "register now" page and sign up for the class that fits your childs age group! *Act creation classes do require a commitment until the show!

We encourage each student to attempt a variety of apparatuses so they can deiced what they like best. From there you will see more advancement if you choose a specific day and time to keep coming in as your teacher will be able to get to know you and work more on your personal goals.


Adult/Teen Pricing

Single class: $35
Five Classes: $165 ($33 Per Class)
Ten Classes: $300 ($30 Per Class)

Kid Pricing

Single class: $30
Five Classes: $140 ($28 Per Class)
Ten Classes: $250 ($25 Per Class)


Aerial FAQ

All of our classes are designed for beginners so don't be shy!

Wondering what to wear to class?
Most students wear leggings and a t-shirt.
-No jewelry
-Form-fitting clothing is ideal
-If you are taking trapeze or lyra: leg warmers or other ankle protection may come in handy
-Silks and Sling you will want to make sure your knee pits and armpits are covered
-We recommend bare feet with no socks for silks class