Aerial Classes


Lyra: A Steel Hoop


Static/Single Point Trapeze: Two Ropes with a steel bar at the base

DSC_2730 (1)

Sling: A Fabric Loop


Bar and Fabrics:

Silks and sling are combined for "fabrics." Lyra and trapeze are combined for "bars."

DSC_2349-Edit (1)

Silks: Fabrics Suspended in the Air

DSC_2619 (1)


This class takes place on the ground and is designed to help increase your range of motion in the air.


Act Creation

If a class is listed as act creation that means each week they are building choreography for our showcase. All students are encouraged to participate in our annual show. We just ask that if you sign up for an act creation class you stay in that same class until the show so that we can create material based on attendees strengths!

How do classes work? What do I sign up for?!

If you are looking to get started, now is the time! Just click on over to the "register now" page and sign up for the class that fits your schedule. Anything listed as "intro" is a great place to start!

We encourage each student to attempt a variety of apparatuses so they can decide what they like best. From there you will see more advancement if you choose a specific day and time to keep coming in as your teacher will be able to get to know you and work more on your personal goals.

What age groups do you work with?
Our classes are designed for ages 5+
Is your child shy and do you need a calmer environment? Is your kid looking for a way to get out all that extra energy?
If you have any questions or concerns email [email protected]. She teaches most of the kids class and she can help guide you on the different groups of kids and where your child's personality may fit best!


One and a Half Hour Long Classes

Single class: $35
Five Classes: $165 ($33 Per Class)
Ten Classes: $300 ($30 Per Class)

Hour Long Class

Single class: $30
Five Classes: $140 ($28 Per Class)
Ten Classes: $250 ($25 Per Class)


Aerial FAQ

Wondering what to wear to class?
Most students wear leggings and a t-shirt.

-No jewelry
-Form-fitting clothing is ideal
-If you are taking trapeze or lyra: leg warmers or other ankle protection may come in handy
-Silks and Sling you will want to make sure your knee pits and armpits are covered
-We recommend bare feet with no socks for silks class